Livestock & Small Animal Sale

The Eaton County Fair Youth Livestock & Small Animal auction will begin on Thursday, July 15 at 10am.
The auction will begin its extended bidding period on Friday, July 16 at 10am.

Buyers may register to bid at any time before, or during the sale. Click HERE for frequently asked questions about the sale. If you need any assistance with registering to bid or navigating the auction site, please feel free to contact the Fair Office at 517-543-4510.



If a buyer wishes to support the youth sale but do not wish to have the purchased animal processed to keep the meat, they have two options. One option buyers may choose is to re-sell the animal to the Napoleon Livestock Commission Company stock yard. The stock yard will then issue the buyer a check directly for the market value of that animal ($/lb). The market value will be posted prior to the sale. The buyer will be responsible for paying the Fair the entire purchase price up front.


The second option buyers may choose is to donate the animal to the food bank. The Eaton County Fair has again this year partnered with the Greater Lansing Food Bank which will accept any donations of animals. The Food Bank will cover all processing fees, and the Fair will handle the transportation of the animals.

Processor Information:

This year we have partnered with the following meat processors to process all of the fair animals. All animals will be delivered to the processors at no charge to the buyer. All animals must go to one of the listed processors unless otherwise arranged ahead of time. Buyers are responsible for contacting the processor on the Monday following the sale with their cut specifications. 

Marshall Meats - Marshall, MI
Jones' Farm Market - Saranac, MI
Jerome Country Market - Jerome, MI
Hanna-Davis Fine Meats - Sunfield, MI
Galesburg Meat Company - Galesburg, MI

Premiums / Add-Ons:

If a buyer wishes to make a monetary contribution to an exhibitor, they will need to register as a buyer on the sale site. They will then need to find the desired exhibitor's lot by scrolling through the lots or typing in the exhibitor's name in the search bar. Within the lot details there will be a link to a short form. Once the form is filled out and submitted, the entered premium amount will be added to the buyer's invoice. 


At the completion of the sale, all buyers will be sent an invoice. All invoices must be paid within 10 days of the completion of the sale. Checks may be made out to: Eaton County Agricultural Society. Payments can be mailed to: Eaton County Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 38, Charlotte, MI 48813. Payments may also be made in person at the Fair Office.

Buyers' Day at Fair:

Buyers are invited to stop by and see the youth exhibitors and their animals on Thursday, July 15, 9am-noon. The buyers postcard, which will be mailed out to past buyers prior to Fair, will also be used as a pass into the Fair during this time. Buyers may also arrange a seperate time to meet with exhibitors if they so choose. 

Thank You 2020 Buyers!

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