Eaton County Agricultural Society

Mission Statement: To encourage 4-H and other youth in Eaton County by sponsoring an annual county fair.

The Eaton County Agricultural Society is a Non-Profit 501(c)(5) corporation established in 1855. We are operated by the Board of Directors, commonly referred as the Fairboard, elected by the general Agricultural Society membership during an annual meeting held in October. The Fairboard consists of 15 members who make the majority of the decisions regarding the operation of the Eaton County Fair and the grounds. Each Fairboard member holds a three-year term. Below is a list of the current Board of Directors. 

Martin Fabrik, President
Jeremy Droscha, Vice-President
Willis Rugg, Secretary
Dale Barth, Treasurer
Ron Aves, Sergeant at Arms
Theo Savage
Howard Troutner
Brian Cain
Brian Martin
Don Roll
Matt Trumble
Josh Baty
Scott Underwood
Seth Cords
Phil Rolfe


The Eaton County Agricultural Society (ECAS), made up of approximately 128 current members, is the governing body of the Eaton County Fair and Fairgrounds. For more information on becoming a member of the Agricultural Society, click the link below or contact us.

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The Fairboard holds monthly public meetings, typically on the third monday of every month at 7pm. The meetings are held at Kardel Hall at the Eaton County Fairgrounds, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. These meetings provide valuable information from members and guests, helping to contribute to decisions involving the fair and grounds. Below is a list of the upcoming scheduled meetings, meeting agendas, and meeting minutes.

Along with attending the monthly meetings, another great way for members to get involved is by serving on a committee. Below you will find a link to a list of ECAS commmittees and their members. If you're interested in helping on any committees, please reach out to a board member or contact us for more details.

2020 ECAS Committees

2020 Meeting Schedule

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